KNS Language Schools


Located in the north end of the city near beautiful Chengching Lake, KNS1 was opened in 1995.

Director Profile:

April Hsu

imgApril has a Bachelor’s degree in Applied English, majoring in Children's English Instruction, from Shoufu University in Taiwan. She joined KNS as a class coordinator in 2007, was promoted to Chief coordinator in 2010, and took over the role of Branch Director in the fall of 2012. April received her Master's in Teaching English as a Foreign Language from Southern Taiwan University in June of 2014.


Following the highly successful growth of the first branch, KNS2 was opened just two years later in 1997.

Director Profile:

Jennifer Chen

imgJennifer graduated from Shoufu University with a Bachelor's degree in Applied English. She was a coordinator in KNS1 from 2005 to 2008. After several years away, Jennifer returned to KNS as Head Coordinator at KNS6 in 2013. She was promoted to Director of KNS2 in early 2015.


KNS3 opened its doors in 2000 and is located just north of the downtown core.

Director Profile:

Jane Lin

imgJane graduated in 1994 from the National Kaohsiung University of Applied Sciences with a degree in Accounting. She has worked in ESL ever since, both as a teacher and as a class coordinator. She joined KNS in 2004 and was promoted to Branch Director one year later.


KNS4 was established in 2002 and is located in the heart of one of Kaohsiung’s newest and most rapidly growing shopping districts.

Director Profile:

Michelle Chen

imgMichelle was appointed Director of KNS4 in November of 2011. She previously worked for one year as a classroom coordinator at KNS2 and has additional experience teaching English in Taipei. She graduated from Christ College in Taipei with a bachelor's degree in English.


Opened in 2004, KNS 5 was relocated to a brand new building just around the corner in 2012.

Director Profile:

Magdalene Lee

imgMagdalene graduated from Queensland University of Technology with a masters in information technology and a bachelor of arts in English. Since 2009, she has worked at multiple KNS branches. In 2018, she became the Branch Director at KNS5.


Located in Kaohsiung’s newest residential district, KNS 6 opened its doors in 2008. Boasting more than a dozen classrooms, it is home to our head office.

Director Profile:

Joanne Wang

imgJoanne graduated from the Queensland University of Technology with a Masters degree in TESOL. She has worked for KNS since 2012, beginning as a coordinator. In 2017 she was promoted to Branch Director of KNS 6.


Built and opened in 2017, KNS 7 services the Zuoying district.

Director Profile:

Luna Chi

imgLuna graduated from Wenzao Ursuline University of Languages with a major in German. She began work at KNS in 2011 as a coordinator before taking a short break in 2016. She served as a member of the Head Office late in 2016 before accepting directorship of KNS 7 in the fall of 2017.