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Jessica Bogue
Ontario, Canada

"When I first decided to come to Kaohsiung, I said ... (read more)

Miriam Easterling
Minnesota, USA

"Upon finishing university, most people feel fortun... (read more)

Emily Gregory
British Columbia, Canada

"Living in Taiwan has been one of those experiences... (read more)

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Our recruiting department chooses our teachers carefully.  Teaching English and living in a foreign country, while highly rewarding, can be a challenging experience, and it is not for everyone.  We are looking for dedicated people who, in addition to wanting a taste of adventure, are genuinely interested in the educational development of their students, and who are prepared for the excitement and challenges involved in living abroad.

If you think you meet our criteria and are interested in teaching at a professional school in southern Taiwan, we welcome your application. There are several hiring periods annually as shown below:



Hiring Period


Training and Set-Up

Application Deadline


October 1st

Sep. 15th to 31st

August 15th

November 1st

Oct. 15th to 30th

September 15th


March 1st

Feb. 14th to 28th

January 15th


April 1st

Mar. 15th to 31st

February 15th

May 1st

Apr. 15th to 30th

March 15th


June 1st

May. 15th to 30th

April 15th


To apply for a full time teaching position at KNS please fill out our online application form here and one of our Recruitment Managers will contact you.


Once your application has been received, you will be in close contact with our recruiting department, over email, phone, and Skype.  They will be happy to answer any questions you have about the job and Taiwan in general, and will guide you smoothly through the application process.  Once hired, you will continue to receive close support and if you are not yet in Taiwan, we will assist you with the steps of preparing for your trip.  You will be given full contract details and accurate job expectations, as well as an opportunity to talk with former or current KNS teachers about their experiences in Taiwan.


Should you have any further questions about the application process please email us at officeknstw@gmail.com

Visa Information


Before coming to Taiwan, you may need to apply for a VISITOR VISA.  A visitor visa is good for 60 days, which covers the amount of time it takes to apply for your resident visa and work permit. 

To apply for a visitor visa contact the TECO (Taiwan Economic and Cultural Office) in your area.  They will require the following documents:
· Passport valid for at least six months
· Two passport photos
· Proof of an air ticket departing Taiwan within 60 days
· Visitor Visa application and fee

In addition some TECO offices will ask for a bank statement showing funds sufficient to support you for a 60-day stay. 
Click here for a Visitor Visa application
For the TECO office nearest you and a full listing of all TECO offices worldwide, click here.

** Visa Exempt Entry for Canadians and Americans**


Canadian and American passport holders no longer need to apply for a visitor visa before coming to Taiwan.  Upon landing in Taiwan, citizens of these countries will be eligible to stay for up to 90 days, visa free.  KNS will then apply for your work permit.  Once we have secured your work permit (a three to four week process), we will assist you in obtaining a formal visitor visa, which can then be used to apply for your ARC (Alien Resident Certificate).  KNS assumes all costs involved in this process except for the price of the visitor visa.  For more information on visa exempt entry, please visit the Visa Services page of the TECO website here.