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Jessica Bogue
Ontario, Canada

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Miriam Easterling
Minnesota, USA

"Upon finishing university, most people feel fortun... (read more)

Emily Gregory
British Columbia, Canada

"Living in Taiwan has been one of those experiences... (read more)

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Set up and Orientation

Moving to a foreign country can be a daunting experience and the first few weeks adjusting to a new culture and a demanding job are sometimes difficult.  KNS is committed to making your transition to living and working in Taiwan an easy one.  Upon your arrival at Kaohsiung International Airport, you will be met by a member of our support team, who will take you to your temporary accommodation, answer your questions, and assist you in starting the process of settling in.


Temporary Accommodation

You will stay with some of our teachers for the first week or so, while we work with you to find your preferred permanent accommodation.



Whether you wish to live alone or share with others, furnished apartments are easily found.  Upon moving into your new apartment, you will generally be required to pay a months rent plus two months damage deposit, which is returned upon completion of your lease.  You can expect to pay between $NT 7000 to $NT 15000 per month depending on your living arrangements and location. 


Scooter/Motorbike/Cell phone

The most practical mode of transportation in Kaohsiung is the scooter.  Purchasing a refurbished, second-hand scooter can cost between $NT 10000 to $NT 20000 and this cost can be partially recouped upon re-selling when you leave.


You'll want to gt yourself set up with a cell number as soon as possible after arriving.  Used phones are available, but most people opt to buy new ones.  Calling rates are much cheaper in Taiwan than in North America and you are not charged for calls received.


KNS Financial Assistanace

KNS staff will assist you in acquiring an apartment, scooter, and phone.  Should you arrive in Taiwan with limited funds, KNS is happy to loan you the money you require to get settled in, interest free.