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Jessica Bogue
Ontario, Canada

"When I first decided to come to Kaohsiung, I said ... (read more)

Miriam Easterling
Minnesota, USA

"Upon finishing university, most people feel fortun... (read more)

Emily Gregory
British Columbia, Canada

"Living in Taiwan has been one of those experiences... (read more)

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Class Coordinators

Your most important resource as a teacher at KNS is your class coordinator. First and foremost, they are the communication link between you and the parents of your students. Although they are not present in the classroom, coordinators work closely with teachers, and will come to know your students as well as you do.  In addition to helping with quiz and test marking and providing additional support after class to students who need it, your coordinator can help you with, or at least advise you on, any difficulties that may arise either in or out of the classroom.  Your coordinator will become a person you will learn to depend on and trust as your most valued colleague.